14/04/2013 – Beyond judgements 台南一日工作坊:超越批評

The insights that I have gained on the attitude of non-judgement have been among the most useful and practical to my personal development. That is the reason that here, on this blog, I have written a number of articles on this subject.

In the period that I have been writing these articles I have also been experimenting a lot with the ideas presented in them, and I have become confident that those ideas can serve as an important foundation of the personal philosophy of many people. That’s why I have been busy with trying to develop a one-day workshop around the subject of going beyond judgements.

On April 4th I will conduct this workshop for the very first time, in Tainan City, Taiwan. The feedback on this workshop will help me to further develop my ideas on how to conduct a workshop on this specific subject in the future.

Details on the April 4th workshop, such as costs, location and schedule can be found in Chinese via the following link: Beyond Judgements (April 4th, Chinese).

General details on the workshop can be found in English via the following link: Beyond Judgements (General, English).




有關這次工作坊的細節,如費用、地點以及課程表等中文資訊,可參考以下連結:Beyond Judgements (April 4th, Chinese)

相關英文資訊,請參考以下連結:Beyond Judgements (General, English)


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