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The right thing 正確的事情

At the end of my silence practice, Wolfgang and I were enjoying a nice conversation. At some point he was telling me that after finding out what is the right for you, you still find yourself doing something else because the right thing turns out to be hard.

It reminded me of a wonderful story that I have to share with you.

It happened once that a very religious, pious person decided to go for a retreat in the mountains. He was determined to meet God at this retreat, and was sincerely meditating and praying for many hours daily, only taking a break for showers, food and a brisk walk in the area.

On a certain day, the man was in deep contemplation during his walk. Not paying much attention to his surroundings, he slipped and fell off a cliff. In a reflex he managed to grab hold of a tree root, but he had no strength to pull himself up. He started calling out loud: “God. I am your humble servant. Please save me!”. Suddenly, a thundering voice from the sky replied: “Oh My child, let go and I will save you!”, at which the man yelled out: “Is there anyone else who can save me?!”

Do let me know in the comments if you would let go or not! I would perhaps be crazy enough to let go.







Alone, not lonely 獨處,但不寂寞

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So yesterday I finished a three weeks practice of silence in North Germany and I was in essence all alone. When I did the same thing last year, the most common question asked was “Didn’t you miss your girlfriend, family members, friends, etc.?” The simple answer is “No”, but it is interesting to know why.

This year in my practice, I twice found myself crying out of gratitude for the presence of all the beautiful people in my life. I do not know if you have ever experienced this, but I can tell you it is wonderful.

The question is whether or not this sort of experience can happen only when you are in silence. I am sure that the answer is no, but silence in the way that I practiced definitely stimulates such an experience.

In my native language (Dutch) there is a saying which translated into English goes “Whatever the heart is full of, the mouth spills”. This is not true. In actuality, whatever the head is full of, the mouth spills; and whatever the heart is full of, the eyes spill.

In our daily life, our minds are filled with many many impressions. They come from our experiences at work, world news, entertainment, etc. There is nothing wrong with these impressions, but they do fill your head and make your mouth spill them. Then meaningful conversations with your loved ones remain few and the true blessing of your relationship is hard to feel.

I remember that a few weeks before I entered into silence I was at a restaurant with two friends. I was in more of listening mood on that day and I was surprised by and interested in what I heard. In one hour of talking, nothing was said! When I asked them then and there if they remembered what they had talked about, they said no! I wonder if they even remember that we went to dinner…

In a prolonged period of silence, the mind can process the daily impressions because you don’t give it any new ones. Then it becomes easy to come in touch with your feelings and you may find yourself crying out of gratitude. And then you do not miss those you love.

If I could make a suggestion to you, it would be to contemplate on the beautiful people in your life and to allow yourself to feel what you feel for them. You will be pleasantly surprised, I promise.

There is much more to say about my silence practice, but since I don’t want to bore you, I will write about it in the next post.

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Sharing my experiences 分享個人經驗

Dear friends,

I have decided that from now on I will be using my blog to also share my experiences in yoga and spirituality in general. I aim to post something “regularly”, but I don’t know yet how regular that will be!

There are two reasons for this decision. First and foremost, the fire of sharing my passion for something with others burns strong. That fire has always been there and led me to teaching others how to play the guitar in high school, becoming a maths tutor and a teaching assistant in my university days and teaching integrates yoga classes nowadays. Blogging seems to be a natural consequence of this fire.

Secondly, since I have been living in Taiwan I have not been anywhere for more than three months consecutively. This has made it slightly difficult to maintain a connection with those of you who are interested in my experiences with yoga and spirituality. I hope that this blog can be a tool to maintain or begin that connection.

If you are wondering why I don’t use “social” media for this purpose, it is because I don’t like them for various reasons. I had a Facebook account once, but it only survived for two weeks until I got fed up with it!

I will follow up this post with a post on my three weeks of silence practice that I finished yesterday.

I hope you will enjoy reading the blog as much as I will enjoy writing it!