Baby steps in meditation revisited

Somebody asked me if – since the birth of Rayana – meditation is still the most important thing in my life. I find it meaningless to answer this question, because I don’t see the need to create a contradiction between my meditation practice and the rest of my life. My intention is for my practice to support my life in the world, and for my life in the world to support my practice. It is more interesting to me to see how my meditation affects life with Rayana, and vice versa.

I have made a choice to sit with Rayana while practicing mediation. I made this choice because I wish her to know silence, as well as the many impressions that life in the world has to offer. Interestingly enough, by choosing to sit with Rayana, I am in some ways experiencing again how it was when I was trying to establish a daily practice during the early days of my study of meditation.

When establishing a daily practice, having a fixed routine (consisting of time of day, place, posture, and sequence for meditation) is an important tool to counteract the anti-meditative habits we have formed. Rayana’s rhythm and preferences change every few days or so. This makes it difficult for me to find a fixed time, place, and posture for meditation with her. Without the a stable routine, it is more difficult to have stability in meditation. Nowadays – and this is the big difference from my early days in meditation – I am able to draw that stability from my practice itself.

To give an example of how my routine is affected by choosing to sit with Rayana: At first she would remain completely calm when lying belly down on my leg while I was sitting in meditation (a pose I jokingly call ‘koalasana’). This made it easy for me to complete my practice without concerns for her comfort. I was pleased to observe that she would relax more deeply as my own meditation went deeper.

After a few days, she started to become restless in koalasana. For the first time in a long while, I did not complete my meditation practice. She was getting uncomfortable, and that was the exact opposite of what I wanted to achieve. This was not much different from my early days practicing. Back then I used to stop my meditation practice when I found the practice itself uncomfortable.

The next day I stopped my practice again when she was starting to get more uncomfortable than I like her to be. I decided not to sit for meditation for the next two days. When I was beginning to practice meditation, the dejection I experienced because I was not able to sit for a few days inevitably led me to choose to not sit for a few days more. The difference is that this time I made that decision consciously, with the clear intent to pick up my practice again on the “third” day.

On that third day, I tried practicing meditation while carrying Rayana in a sling. She remained very calm in this way for almost two weeks, but started getting restless a few days ago. Having learned from my earlier experience with Rayana in koalasana (I was intrigued to see how chaos was slowly but surely creeping back into my mind during those 4 days of not practicing meditation properly), I made sure to practice meditation in solitude at a later time on the same day when it wasn’t comfortable for Rayana in the morning.

I have now found a new pose that is comfortable for both Rayana and me, and am curious to see how this will develop over the next couple of days and weeks.

The strength of the decision to practice, is more important than any other preparation for meditation.


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