Upcoming events
Date Type Title Location Link
Past events
Date Type Title Location Link
14/04/2013 One Day Workshop Beyond Judgements Tainan, Taiwan info
27/01/2013 Single Session Workshop Beyond Judgements Easyoga, Huashan Creative Park, (Taipei, Taiwan) info
23/12/2012 Single Session Workshop Enjoy Your Meditation – Sing Like The Birds Sing Taipei, Taiwan info
28/10/2012 Single Session Workshop Heb Jezelf Lief Rotterdam, The Netherlands info
16/07/2012 – 19/07/2012 Two Week Course Yoga for Parents (2nd week) Chinese Culture University (Taipei, Taiwan) -
16/06/2012 Single Session Workshop Love Thyself Taipei, Taiwan info
21/04/2012 Single Session Workshop Let the Genie Go Up and Down the Bamboo Pole Taipei, Taiwan info
01/04/2012 Single Session Workshop Vicāra – Het Proces van Contemplatie Rotterdam, The Netherlands
18/02/2012 Single Session Workshop Vicāra – The Process of Contemplation Taipei, Taiwan info

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